New Study Island for Imperialism Unit, Chapter 19

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Study Island Assessment due 1/23. Will check for homework completion on 1/11.

Vocabulary Quiz and Test Date

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Chapter 18 Vocabulary Quiz will be on Thursday, 12/13.

Study Island Nationalism Assessment due on Tuesday, 12/18

Chapter 18 Test on Thursday 12/20.

Nationalism – Germany’s Unification and Italy’s Unification

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A new Study Island Lesson and Assessment has been created for you.  The assessment is due by midnight on December 18, 2012.

There are new vocabulary words ready for you on Quizlet for Chapter 18.  Begin to learn and quiz yourself through the use of this helpful website.

Important Dates

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11/28 – Vocabulary Quiz on Chapter 17 Vocabulary Words

11/29 – Chapter 17 Test

11/30 – Study Island Assessment Due

New Study Island Assignment and Assessment!

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A new Study Island assignment is up and running.  The assessment for the Industrial Revolution is due on Friday, December 30, 2012.  Do not delay in preparing to take the assessment.  Work on the lessons, games and practice tests to earn Blue Ribbons BEFORE your take the assessment.  Good luck!

Chapter 16 Test

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Because of our new need to complete Charleston County Benchmark testing by 11/2/2012, I have postponed Chapter 16 test until Wednesday, 11/7/2012.

What and How to Study for Chapter 16:

1)  Reread Chapter 16
2)  Read all FYR assignments
3)  Review Vocabulary by using Quizlet
4)  Review ISN information, ISN #'s 26-33.



Pop Quiz on Enlightenment Thinkers Tomorrow!

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Visit the quizlet website for Enlightenment Thinkers to help you study for this quiz tomorrow, 10/ 24.

Chapter 16 Quizlet Quiz on Tuesday,10/30!

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There will be a Chapter 16 Vocabulary quiz on Ocotober, 10/30.

Begin to study now, by using Quizlet!

New Study Island and Quizlet

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A new Study Island unit is up and ready to be used.  This Study Island will be due 10/30.  The day before Halloween!

It is important that you realize that all the work you do on Study Island will help you with the content we are discussing in class.  It will help you do well on the in class tests as well.  Use this tool to help you succeed in Social Studies.

What Drove the Sugar Trade? DBQ due Wednesday, 10/17

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Our first DBQ will be due on Wednesday 10/17.  Please follow the following formatting requirements:

12 point font – Times New Roman

double spaced

Heading located in top left corner:

Mary E. Miller

Mrs. Miller’s World History

Period 2

DBQ: What Drove the Sugar Trade?

October 17, 2012

Any papers turned in after the due date of October 17 will have 5 points taken off score for each day it is late.



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