Study Island

Use Study Island to help you prepare for PASS!  I have put up all of the lessons we have completed throughout the year.  You can reread the lessons and play games to help you review for PASS!  Study Island was designed to help you do well on standardized tests.  This is a great source for you to use to prepare.

Crash Course

Use the Crash Course History website to help you to review for PASS testin.  Some of the videos you can use to review are:

Columbus, De Gama, and Zheng He

Columbian Exchange

Atlantic Slave Trade

The Spanish Empire

The American Revolution

The French Revolution

Haitian Revolutions

Latin American Revolutions

The Industrial Revolution

Capitalism vs. Socialism


World War I

China’s Revolutions

World War II

Cold War

Decolonization and Natinalism

Globalization I

Globalization II